Agents of SHIELD HDTV Season 1 – 4 480p 720p Direct Links

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118 Responses

  1. Shahbaz alam says:

    Nice show

  2. Shahbaz alam says:

    Admin solve name issue in season 2 episode 20 and 21

  3. Shahbaz alam says:

    Please upload CSI:CYBER season 1 and 2
    In 480p
    Please upload it fast
    Thanks admin

  4. Shahbaz alam says:

    Please upload ”Marvel’s Agent Carter” season 1 and 2
    Thanks admin for agent of shield and minority report show thank you

  5. Sanju says:

    Please solve link of season 2 episode 21 and 22 its showing it’s showing 339mb for 480p quality please solve it

    • Admin says:

      ya its 2 episodes 21 and 22 combined in one. which makes one episode of 200mb each. thats why 720p episode size is 623 mb.310mb each combined in one

  6. Gautam says:

    Plss add the subtitles of agents of shield

  7. Milind says:

    Please upload episod 11

  8. shahbaj Alam says:

    please add s03e11 eposode its release on 8th march 2016

    i found it on torrent site

    but i love to download from here add it admin soon

  9. Som says:

    Season 3 episode 11??

  10. Som says:

    Season 3 episode 12??

  11. Som says:

    Episode 13??

  12. Som says:

    ep 13??

  13. Adam says:

    Admin please fix season 2 and 3 links.It’s not downloading

  14. Som says:

    Ep 14??

  15. Shahbaz Alam says:

    add episode 14

  16. Harsh mathur says:

    Upto what time will it be uploaded. .?

  17. Yob says:

    where is 720p links?

  18. fazal akbar says:

    Hey Admin when will you be able to upload Pretty Little Liars.

  19. Hakkymah says:

    Hey admin could u upload latest episodes of Grimm please?

  20. fazal akbar says:


  21. Nuhash says:

    When e 16 will come…plz tell….and this is an excellent site…thnx

  22. Harsh mathur says:

    S03E16 upto what time will it be added. ..?

  23. fazal akbar says:

    Hey bro can you plz upload Pretty Little Liars

  24. Som says:

    ep 17??

  25. Harsh mathur says:

    Can you please add “The social network” movie 720p dual audio (English-hindi)

  26. Prabhat kumar says:

    Ep 18

  27. Harsh mathur says:

    Can you please add “The social network” movie 720p dual audio (English-hindi)

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  28. owen says:

    link for season 3 episode 17and 18

  29. Lukman says:

    admin, can you please upload season 2 episode 22?

  30. owen says:

    yes it is bt it’s not appearing …. dats why i just want it on the comments box for easier access. thank you please post it

  31. Tejpaul says:

    plz upload the 19th epidose

  32. prakash says:

    Ep 20

  33. Dipanshu Kumar says:

    Are episodes 21 and 22 available in combine form? season 2

  34. Dipanshu Kumar says:

    Where is episode 21 of agents of shield season 3?
    It is not uploaded yet why

  35. prakash says:

    Ep 21 22

  36. Adam says:

    Add season 2 episode 22
    It’s seriously not there …

  37. Ahmedabbas says:

    Hey added last ship episode 9 of 3 seaon why so late plz add

  38. ahmed says:

    Link not working of season 3

  39. Nikhil says:

    Dear admin. links for season 1 not working. plz check. trying to download s01 e14 and above. plz check

  40. Prateek says:

    Links from episode 14 of season 3 are not working

  41. harsh mathur says:

    Till when s04e01 be added

  42. Playboy9211 says:

    Season 4 Episode 1 upload ASAP pls

  43. Sanju says:

    Add s04e01 with subtitile

  44. Playboy9211 says:

    S4 e1 is out!!! Pls upload

  45. Vicky says:

    Season 4 has just started
    Can u plz upload it..?

  46. sucham says:

    Hey admin season 3 lonks are not being opened instead season 4s link open up

  47. Ashish Kumar says:

    Season 3 is not available kindly upload it,
    Thanks in advance.

  48. Saurabh says:

    Hey admin s04 e02 720p is nt downloading…

  49. Saurabh says:

    Hey admin s04 e02 link nt working….

  50. Shubham Jha says:

    Hey admin… please upload S04E03……
    BTW Why it is taking so much time…?

  51. sucham says:

    Plz upload s04 ep04
    Its out

  52. sahlan says:

    hi admin, i cant download season episode 3 onwards. please fix it. it says forbidden 403.

  53. prakash says:

    X files season 10 links not working

  54. Silka says:

    Unable to download season 3 & 4, 403 net problem. I tried with other browser still not working

  55. Crox says:

    Hey…from last 20 days this site has really got worse….. uploads are too late….I used to like this site before but nowadays I hate it….there is no response for our comments on Facebook…the episode which should be available on tuesday are uploaded on Saturday….hope so that this site gets back as before….

  56. Sudip Das says:

    Flash season 3 episode 10? ??

  57. sucham says:

    Thanx admin for updating all these tv series