Blindspot (2015-16) HDTV Season 1 – 2 480p 720p Direct Links

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94 Responses

  1. Mustafiz says:

    Plz , Upload (The L Word ) all seasons.

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check todo list on right sidebar.. movies n series requested by others.

  2. Edward says:

    sir PLz, upload the BLINDSPOT 11 Episode.

  3. Edward says:

    can u plz Upload The BLINDSPOT 12 Episode#

  4. Edward says:

    cAN U nOW Plz upload the BLINDSPOT Episode 13 & 14##

  5. Edward says:

    i go it ##Thanxx So MUcH##

  6. mohit says:

    Hii all the links for blindspot are down
    Pls check

  7. S K JAISWAL says:

    great worh by admin…..You help everyone and reply personally also….too good….

  8. S K JAISWAL says:

    why there are only 7 episodes of Blindsopt ? I downloaded 12 th…but now only 7…?

  9. Abhishek JOshi says:

    plz upload NCIS

  10. Lucifer says:

    Please upload episode 15-18.
    Thank You

  11. S K JAISWAL says:


  12. adex says:

    upload epi 18

  13. adex says:

    plz upload k.c undercover

  14. akash says:

    Please upload blind spot season 1 episode 18 19

  15. akash says:

    Please upload episode 19 of blindspot

  16. adex says:

    upload kc undercover

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  17. akash says:

    Please upload episode 20

  18. akash says:

    Please upload episode 21 of blindspot

  19. sulman says:

    17 not showing

  20. sulman says:

    18 to 21 also

  21. sulman says:

    sorry i dont about it i think you upload on request

  22. sulman says:

    i mean i dont know about episode 22 its on aired or not
    I think you upload on request so thats why i ask you for 22

    • Admin says:

      check first on whether its aired , if yes then ask me. how can i upload when its not even released yet

  23. Mohit says:

    Hey Admin could u please remove the hyperlink of the Blindspot and give direct links on the page itself like that of flash, arrow, etc. Cause it is sometimes not responding… Thank u

    • Admin says:

      actly its not hyperlink on season 1 its just a popup link, use chrome it will show up if u r on phone

      • Mohit says:

        ya i got it …could u just convert that popup link into a normal one…. please cause that wouldn’t make any change…..

        • Admin says:

          that would make change here, because we cant put large content on single page thats why we put it in popup

  24. Manish says:

    Ep 22 and 23 are already out check IMDb

  25. Manish says:

    Excuse me but where is ep23

  26. Karthik says:

    All Links are dead. can you please check on this

  27. Muna Rozali says:

    Sir, can u please upload dollhouse series. Tqsm.

  28. shadreck says:

    when will season 2 be released

  29. shadreck says:

    episode 22 and 23 are not downloading. im receiving error messages

  30. biju says:

    pls upload season 2. it has been started to telecast

  31. Gaurav says:

    Season 2 ep 2?

  32. Vky4evr says:

    Sorry to say u that links are not working and also i waited more then 5 min ,nothing happen

  33. Ayush says:

    Add seaon 2 episode 5

  34. Krishna says:

    Season 1 720p links are broken, would u mind fixing it? Please

  35. sulman says:

    Sir episode 7 …?

  36. sulman says:

    Sir episode 8
    I think it is released

  37. Sulman says:

    Sir only 9 episodes what happened
    I think its on-air every Thursday but new episodes are missing
    Now December 16 last time i ask u one month ago sir kindly chk Thanks

  38. mishra says:

    Plz upload season 2 episode 10

  39. Rakhi Ghosh says:

    Please add Quantico Season 2 Episode 6 onwards

  40. samar says:

    Cannot see any episodes after 5th for season 1

  41. Sulman says:

    Get well soon