Breaking Bad Season 1-5 480p 720p Direct Links

Breaking Bad(2008 – 2012)

Breaking Bad Season 1-5 720p 480p direct Download

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Quality: Excellent 720p
Format: MKV
Size: 400 MB -720p / 180MB-480p / x265 720p – 300MB
Release Date: 2008 – 2012
Product: America
Rating: 9.4 out of 10
English language
Channel player: AMC

Synopsis: The story series about a chemistry teacher who, in addition to difficult problems bigger hits middle age. He found that lung cancer and is soon to leave this world, he does not have a good financial position and has a son with disabilities are going to think that you should die before his family life and This last bit of life from the monotony of life at the age of 50 years are to be met. After considering the chemistry started to set up a drug production factory and crystal that in addition to the money it brings no further Armaghane middle-aged teacher came to mind this time.

Breaking Bad Season 1-5 720p 480p direct Download


Direct Hi-Speed Resumable 720p Links


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Season 1

Season 2


Season 3

Season 4

Season 5



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85 Responses

  1. Souveek says:

    English Subtitles Link plz!!!!

  2. say says:

    thanks a million

  3. jessepinkman says:

    Yo thanx very much to you bitch without this i won’t be survived!!!!

  4. Ranjeet says:

    thanks guys excellent work

  5. Adam says:

    please give the subtitle list also

  6. Priya says:

    Hey admin awesome.And the best thing is that the episodes were coming with pre installed subtitles in them which is so good.So please from now make your uploads with this feature of pre installed it

  7. Adam says:

    Admin we have a problem here.
    I have just downloaded the 1st episode of 1st season from the very first link and the subtitles (preloaded) are not there.Please Help..

  8. Adam says:

    Admin, can you specifically tell me which links have preloaded subtitles???

    • Admin says:

      Adam, do one thing subtitle link is provided below, and try of those , forget about preloaded, am not sure about that sorry. and if it doesnt match or sync google sync subtitle in |VLC or MPC. Please dont ask about subtitles again, nothing more i can do, except this.

  9. Madster94 says:

    Awesome bro , really how it is possible to rip 720p quality into such a small size.
    your work is great.
    Keep doing this
    Waiting for Daredevil season 2.

  10. jijith says:

    Thanks for sharing…buddy

  11. karan says:

    Please Upload IP Man 3 movie…Thanks.

  12. ashik says:

    Thanku guys….excellent work….i have been search of it a long time….

  13. vignesh says:

    I am not able to download 720p link so I downloaded from compressed version but the speed is very slow can u help

  14. pankaj choudhary says:

    hats off to u man.u r a star i couldnt fing this on twitter but dont know where did u get this from.i will recommand to my friends abt this.thank you.

  15. pankaj choudhary says:

    oh sorry i mean i couldnt find this anywhere idk why i wrote twitter

  16. ahmd says:

    thanks man

  17. bastian says:

    Excelent work!!
    Wonderful show just like “the wire”
    Too bad link for “the wire” season 3 all has broke and I can’t comment in it page

  18. Sid says:

    The highest speed I am getting is 200 Kbps and it occasionally dips drastically, hope you can higher it. Everything is fine at my end

  19. jm says:

    Sir, What happened to the page of arrow, the flash,dcslegend of tomorrow,game of thrones? I cant open them.
    .i am redirected to….

  20. Debraj says:

    Hey Admin! Thanks for the uploads but I am unable to download episodes. I am getting Site cannot be reached Error when I click on the links. I was working fine last night. Is something wrong there?

    • Admin says:

      bro server is over loaded cz of game of thrones s06e01 large number of downloads, it will be alright in a while

  21. Shoayb Adam says:

    Thanks for uploading all the seasons of Breaking Bad.

    Just one problem from the download side, Season 3 – Episodes 12 and 13 don’t have the option to save the file, it plays it straight away. Please have a look into this.

    Thanks again.

    • Admin says:

      tty another browser

      • Shoayb Adam says:

        I tried Firefox and Internet Explorer – both didn’t work. It did work on Google Chrome but the resolution is much lower (not 720p). It wouldn’t be too much of a problem but if there’s a chance of getting the mkv format in 720p then that would be great. Like I said, this is fine though – as long as the download worked 😉

        Thanks again.

        • Admin says:

          which episode u downloading and how u fig out that its not 720p? hope u downloading 720p variants not 480p..Mostly here are in 720p of x265 links, even if theres any it would be 576p i guess, bt as far size is concerned its good, other wise proper 720p would cost extra 100mb , some ppl here care abt data than resolution. hope u understand.

  22. Debabrata says:

    It’s showing error 404 when I try to download the season 5 ‘s episodes 9 and beyond.
    Would appreciate it much if you could give the actual 720p video download links because episodes 5 to 8 are all of 480p resolution.
    Thanks in advance!
    P.S.-Loved the way you have eased downloads now because i have not encountered a single site which works just this good.
    So, again a hearty THANKS!

  23. Tushar says:

    Doing a great job buddy.

  24. Thomas says:

    ders no link we can see for subs admin :/
    for dos lookin 4 subs look in :breaking.Bad.S02E12.HDTV” format

  25. alla rakaha says:

    i have downloaded breaking bad season 1 episode 1 from this site but vedio is not playing..what to do?

  26. rohith says:

    Its not downloading bro.w hat is the issue

  27. utkarsh says:

    some problem with links in season 5 after episode 5

  28. prameet says:

    I have downloaded season 1… but …now downloading is not starting..dont know why…help..

  29. Hari says:

    i am unable to download. can you please check whether the links are working.

  30. akshay says:

    Subtitles problem

  31. sanket says:

    which subtitle works for this file hdtv or brrip ?

  32. Yash says:

    Season 4 links are not working..can you please look into it..

  33. aman says:

    Hey admin , good job i will recommend your site to my friends but speed is really slow ma n 🙁

  34. Chim says:

    Please fix the links.. won’t download anymore

  35. Jitender says:

    This website is awesome guys are doing really good job.. i download the 100, game of thrones, the walking dead and more , now this is my favourite website.

  36. ayush says:

    none of the download is working all the downloads were working until a while ago and now none does plzz fix this i m loving breaking bad thumbs up for the upload

  37. Khushboo says:

    I can’t download them.. right now.. what to do ??

  38. Akash says:

    Admin can u please add ‘the night of’ episodes here. .that’ll be great help

  39. nawab says:

    bro where is da link season 4 breaking bad i can’t find

  40. aakash says:

    Admin fix season 4 links. .can’t open them on idm

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