Constantine Season 1 HDTV 480p 720p Direct

Constantine Season 1 HDTV 480p 720p

constantine download direct
Constantine Season 1 HDTV 480p 720p 1080p Direct Download
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Rating : 7. 6/10IMDB-icon
English language
Quality: 480p 720p 1080p
Format: Mkv
Size: 150-220 MB
Product: America
Stars: Matt Ryan, Harold Perrineau, Charles Halford, Angélica Celaya
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Synopsis :
Series, narrates the life of John Constantin.e. He wizard that deals with black magic, and while it is grappling with the sins of the past, trying to save the human race against the forces of evil and …
John Constant.ine, a demon hunter and dabbling master of the occult, must struggle with his past sins while protecting the innocent from the converging supernatural threats that constantly break through to our world due to the “Rising Darkness”. Balancing his actions upon the line of good and evil, uses his skills and a supernatural scry map to journey across the nation to send these terrors back to their own world, all for the hope of redeeming his soul from eternal torment.

Constant.ine is an American television series developed by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer for NBC, featuring the DC Comics character John Constan.tine.[1] Matt Ryan stars as Consta.ntine, a British exorcist and occult detective who actively hunts supernatural entities. The series aired from October 24, 2014 to February 13, 2015, over 13 episodes. On May 8, 2015, NBC canceled Cons.tantine after only one season due to poor ratings. Ryan reprised the role in a guest appearance in the fourth season of The CW series Arrow. Constantine 2014 Season 1 HDTV Direct Download Links 480p 720p Constantine 2014 Season 1 Season 2 480p Watch Online Constantine 2014 Season 1 Season 2  150mb 60mb Download torrent.

John Constantine, an unscrupulous exorcist and master of the dark arts, recovers in a mental institution following a failed exorcism; a result of the failure is that his soul is damned. He receives a supernatural warning about Liv Aberdine, who is threatened by mysterious forces. Constantine gives her a pendant that belonged to her father, which allows her to see trapped souls. He introduces her to scrying, a mystic art that predicts where demonic activity will occur. Aberdine is being stalked by the demon Furcifer. Constantine coerces help from Ritchie Simpson, a drug-addicted metaphysics professor who assisted in the failed exorcism. Together they trap Furcifer and send him back to Hell. It is all too much for Liv; she leaves John the pendant and a map used in the art before she disappears. He tells an associate that he scared her away intentionally because the life of an exorcist is difficult and unpleasant. Elsewhere, a female artist has visions of Constantine.Screenshot: s01e01


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Download Episode 01 – 480p
Download Episode 01 – 720p
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Download Episode 02 – 720p
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Download Episode 03 – 720p
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Download Episode 04 – 720p
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Download Episode 05 – 720p
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Download Episode 07 – 720p
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Download Episode 08 – 720p
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Download Episode 09 – 720p
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Download Episode 10 – 720p
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Download Episode 11 – 720p
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Download Episode 12 – 720p
Download Episode 13 – 480p
Download Episode 13 – 720p



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