Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 – 2 Web-DL Direct Links

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55 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    How do I download?

  2. wdfan says:

    pls uploade season 2 episode 5

  3. A.Hariharan says:

    All the links in any series are not working. Is it server problem

  4. midhun says:

    Could u please add the foster all seasson.

  5. Tanya Yadav says:

    When s2 ep6 coming or the season3 and thanks for the these links appreciate it !

  6. jm says:

    Episode 8 pls…

  7. rana says:

    season 2 is in HDTV or WEBDL ?

  8. ASURA says:

    can i request a movie the “suicide squad” plsssssssss…………………..

  9. xo says:

    new episode released s02 e08 hope you upload it soon.

  10. Drogon says:

    S2 episode 8 pls..thank you

  11. reeva says:

    Season 2 ep. 8. Released 24 hours ago.upload plss..thank you

  12. Khalif.Nuril says:

    Admin can you add fear the walking dead season 2 episode 8 is already coming out!!! Thanks

  13. Khalif.Nuril says:

    Thanks you very much!!!

  14. Khalif.Nuril says:

    Plss upload ftwd desain 9 is already cominh out!! Thnks

  15. reeva says:

    Episode 9 pls..its already out 16hours ago .. Thank you.

  16. drogon says:

    Ep9 pls.thank you admin

  17. reeva says:

    Episode9 pls..

  18. midhun says:

    Please add friends all seasons in 480p brrrip

  19. reeva says:

    Episode 10 pls…

  20. drake says:

    Episde 11 season 2. Ty

  21. reeva says:

    Episode 11 pls?

  22. reeva says:

    Episode 12 pls..thank you

  23. Akshay says:

    Where is episode 13 of fear the walking dead. It aired on monday

  24. andika says:

    Min episode 13 upload

  25. Lucas says:

    Episode 13. Please

  26. rana says:

    season 2 is in HDTV or WEB-DL ?

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