Game of Thrones BRrip Season 1 – 6 480p 720p Direct Links

Game of Thrones BRrip Season 1 – 6

Game of Thrones season 1-6download direct
Game of Thrones BRrip Season 1 – 6 480p 720p Direct Links
Rating : 9.5/10IMDB-icon
Genres : Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Director: Alan Taylor, Daniel Minahan
Duration : 55 minutes
Size : 200MB/350MB
Last updated: Chapter 6
Artist: Lena Headey | Peter Dinklage | Maisie Williams | Emilia Clarke

Summary : Seven aristocratic dynasty to rule the land of the legendary “Vstrvs” are in conflict with each other. Family “Stark”, “Lnystr” and “Barasyvn” They are the most prominent. The story begins where “Robert Barasyvn” King Vstrvs of his old friend, “Adard” Lord of the Stark family, requests that as adviser to the king, leading the court to serve. The former adviser mysteriously murdered, however Adard King accepts the request and to the land of the royal way. Queen’s family, the Lnystr are conspiring to obtain power. On the other hand, the remnants of the former royal family Vstrvs, “Targryn of” the plan after taking the throne in the bloom, and all these events will be in the great battle between them …Game of Thrones BRrip Season 1 – 6 480p 720p Direct Links. Game of Thrones Season 1   HDTV Direct Download Links 480p 720p  Game of Thrones Season 1 Season 2 480p Watch Online Game of Thrones Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 150mb 60mb Download torrent

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. It is filmed in a Belfast studio and on location elsewhere in Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Spain, Scotland, and the United States, and premiered on HBO in the United States on April 17, 2011. The series has been renewed for a sixth season,[5] which will premiere on April 24, 2016.

The series is set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, and interweaves several plot lines with a large ensemble cast. The first narrative arc follows a civil war among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the attempts to reclaim the throne by the exiled last scion of the realm’s deposed ruling dynasty; the third chronicles the rising threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North.


screenshot Game of Thrones season 1-6 download direct


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Game of Thrones BRrip Season 1 – 6 480p 720p Direct Links

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4


Season 5


Season 6



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  1. Abhishek says:

    Links Not working. Please check and correct it. Thanks

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    pls update Game of Thrones linkss

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    can you please upload it in 720 or 1080p 🙂

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    Game of thrones season 2 episode 6 & 10 plz update links. Thank you.

  5. Hayna says:

    Thanks Admin.

  6. vivek says:

    Are these uncut version or censored one ?

  7. pian says:

    Thank you admin

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    Hi friend, links not working…season 5 GofThrones…can you check? Thanks.

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    Please fix the Season 5 HDTV links

  10. Mustafiz says:

    please , upload ”The L Word” tv series,
    Thank You

  11. Lokesh says:

    Links after season 2 are not working

  12. divya says:

    Pls upload gossip girl

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check todo list on right sidebar.. movies n series requested by others.

  13. Nikhil says:

    Season 4 links not working please check

    • Admin says:

      all links working fine. Even other seasons are on same server. so that wouldnt be a problem. check ur connection

  14. Manu says:

    Season 5 episode 7 onwards are not downloading.. Please check the links.

  15. ABK says:

    The download speed is low.can u check your servers pleasae

  16. nzejoe says:

    I really love these guys ????????
    Thanks a lot!

  17. Ramesh Thakur says:

    Great work! how Fast can you upload Season 6 when it comes out in April?

  18. Lokesh says:

    Links are not working wat is it

  19. Lokesh says:

    Please fix it soon

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    Links not working please check them

  21. captain Cold says:

    check the links bro. its gone. It says infopopuptaggots…

  22. shanks says:

    season 3 episode 6 720p link is broken

  23. arka says:

    Links not working….Please check

  24. Narotham Sai says:

    Season 3 episode 4 link not working
    only downloading up to 192 mb /199 mb

    • Admin says:

      it must be some problem at your end, All links working fine, check your connection, clear cache or use another browser, use another device.

  25. Shubh says:

    Unable to click on direct link given season 1… Plzz solve

  26. sushil says:

    Please upload this in HEVC H265 format..
    Thnks admin

  27. Gergely says:

    Thank you very much for these, im very glad for this site. Take care and have a wonderful day.

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    Community series please !!

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    I don’t usually comment on these things, but I honestly wanna say this is gold at the end of the rainbow. Beautiful quality and i love it. Thank you to the owner and the admins o the site. God bless. Love.

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    Link unable to click

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    season six is out already and everybody’s talking about it, please add season six to the download links, I don’t wanna hear from my friends what happened i wanna see it for myself..:(

    • Admin says:

      out already ? on what earth goto and check release date then ask me 1st ep of season 6 will be aired on 24 april, better check air date before asking ext tym bro

  32. Joyal jose mathew says:

    Please help .seems the links to game of thrones not working
    When I click on them they don’t take me to download I am using phone should I try from pc thanks

  33. Shahbaz Alam says:

    kelo you are wrong
    season 6 will be air on 24 april
    admin download link will not appear on mobile (uc browser) solve it

  34. justin says:

    season 6 ep1 is gonna be aired on apr 24 so when will u upload it

  35. Nandhu says:

    9 more days bro.. Hope you upload the episode as soon as they get telecasted.. All hopes on you. Thanks

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    I thought I should change my browser so to make sure that its not my browsers problem I clicked on other series they were showing links ,then i came back to game of thrones link I tried to click on season 1 but it doesnt even seem like it is a hyper
    link please check admin.thanks

  37. joyal says:

    on phone and yes changed browser

  38. Joyal jose mathew says:

    Thanks, its working

  39. Whiz says:

    The links don’t work on mobile phones

  40. Rocky says:

    Hey, pls update for season 6 “The Red Woman” when its out. Thanks

  41. Nandhu says:

    Season 6 episode 1 please. Thanks

  42. meison says:

    when will season 6 be available?

  43. mac says:

    When u gonna upload season 6 ???

  44. Suraj says:

    Got s6e1

  45. deepanshu says:

    Season 6 episode 1 is out upload it

  46. lil Finger says:

    cant wait for it ,, Gj bro ..

  47. Fazil says:

    How much time left now

  48. Sharvan Kohli says:

    Hey…I am trying to use given links; but failed to open…kindly check & fix the issues ASAP..

    THANKS & Regards

  49. Drogon says:

    3pm in what time zone sir?

  50. Drogon says:

    Upload the 480p first please…. Thank you…. More power 🙂

  51. mac says:

    Please upload season 6 e1 soon cant wait much upload it in possible highest resolution..thx u r the best.

  52. divya says:

    Thanks a ton❤❤

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    season 6 link is not working

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    I cant open the link….pls fix the issue

  55. Drogon says:

    I follow the instruction and still nothing to show

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    I clicked on season 6 nothing happened ????????

  57. toqii says:

    This episode is creating much trouble the 9/11

  58. Suraj says:

    I downloaded it at 11 am today but now the links are not working. Pls fix this bro

  59. toqii says:

    Is there any way ? Or any other place from where i can download that dam episode ???

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    Unable to download …download started till 100mb it was fine then suddenly link crashed

  61. Soumya Jit Mohapatra says:

    Season 6 Episode 1 – Links are not working properly. Please check as soon as possible admin. Can’t wait more to watch it.

  62. deepanshu says:

    Not working

  63. Daniel says:

    Plss links are not working i have tried other browser its still the Same

  64. niall says:

    S6 links are broken….plzz fix it

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    Plzz update season 2 ep 9 and 10

  66. Nikhil says:

    Does season 6 episode 1 480p file has built in subtitles for dothraki and valaryen languages?

  67. Nikhil says:

    S i did. But they have subtitles only for english dialogues. But in the previous seasons that i downloaded from your site there were in built subtitles for dothraki and valaryen languages. So I’m asking if thats available for season 6 also?

  68. rohan says:

    Link stopped working after half download

  69. Rajeev says:

    thanks Admin For the got.

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    links are not working..pls fix it

  71. Vinit says:

    THE BEST site ever..I love u for being so updated with your stuff. Thanx admin

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    season six link is not working pls fix it

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    When will server be fixed

  74. lokesh says:

    The link for s6 e1 is not working

  75. cobain vj says:

    please fix its man……..

  76. Madster94 says:

    Link are working for those who said links are not working.
    Thnxx admin

    If problem really exists and i think it is from your side


  77. zubair says:

    All seasons are sucks

  78. snehil says:

    Sir,pls do clear the prblm fast I cant waif for seeing other episode of got.

  79. RAM GAURAV says:

    S6 link is not working….plz fix it…

  80. zubair says:

    I am saying about story not about your work u work done

  81. nirmal says:

    season 6 episode 1 is it uncensored

  82. sushil says:

    Hey admin will you upload s06e01 in h265 720p ….please let me know

  83. Jake says:

    Good day sir…. Pls upload fear the walking dead…season 2 already

  84. zubair says:

    Due to Slow, unsensored ,story,suck cast, history of just thrones not any is better then it

  85. dodhi says:

    Sir please upload ray donavon series

  86. mac says:

    No english subtitle for dothrathi and valarian language in got s6e1???

  87. riya says:

    Admin can you upload all season’s episodes with subtitle

    • Admin says:

      Riya, theres subtitle link given below download links and below that in imp links u’d see how to load subtitles.

  88. faizan says:

    link is not working

  89. Tanveer says:

    Hi but 3,4,5 season links are not working other than it is fine please check it soon
    And yes thank you so very much for uploading this series.

    • Admin says:

      aftr clicking these seasons scroll down to comments u’d see a popup there containing all episodes of season 3 4 5

  90. Hasan says:

    Where is season 3,4,5

    • Admin says:

      aftr clicking these seasons scroll down to comments u’d see a popup there containing all episodes of season 3 4 5

  91. shailesh agarwal says:

    Please help !!
    season 5 link not working.

  92. shailesh agarwal says:

    Do you have torrent link for season 5 i mean one single link for whole episodes of s05 ?

  93. A says:

    Thanks a lot

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    Thanks a Lot Admin!! Keep it UP! 🙂

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    Not working. ….????

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    Hello Admin, admire your work. Cheers.

    Can u plz upload Charmed.

  97. srihari says:

    A nice website bro

  98. srihari says:

    plz upload THE ROME episodes too

  99. subham says:

    Pls upload got s6 ep 2

  100. mac says:

    when u gonna upload s06e02 ..??pls upload soon..

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    Plzz upload s6e2

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    pls upload game of thrones season 6 episode 2

  103. asai says:

    Fantastic website!!!

  104. Abhishek says:

    Can I get a magnet link to torrent? I’m facing some problem downloading here on Chrome for quite some time.

  105. Vedang says:

    season 6 stops working after about 40 mb says, “Failed, network error”

  106. Zeeshan says:

    Season 6 Episode 2 download stops and remain incomplete. I hve tried 8 times. But max download size is 98 mb after that it stops

  107. Vedang says:

    same problem as Zeeshan admin..for 720p version and for x265 720p

  108. tanu says:

    game of thrones season 1 download link doesnt show..??

  109. poorvika says:

    thank u so much guys..the best site ive ever come across to…easiest downloads…omg i love it

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    Error occurs while downloading s03e06. Pls fix the problem

  111. Its one of my fav. series thankx man

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    A new pop-up window opens on clicking any season link. Is this happening on just my phone?

  113. poorvika says:

    game of thrones season 2 n 3 links not working..plz fix them..thank you

  114. poorvika says:

    idk…everytime i put it on downloading,at a certain point they fail..ive tried it for like 30 times..

    • Admin says:

      which episode? are u on pc or mobile? more than 1k people have downloaded successfully there might be some problem at ur end. I’ll help though

  115. keerthan says:

    Please upload season1 episode 10

  116. Akash says:

    Till what time will you upload the episode 3 tomorrow ?? Please upload X265 720p version as early as possible

  117. A.Hariharan says:

    Plzz upload GOT s6e3

  118. wdfan says:

    pls uploas seaseon 6 episode 3

  119. Vedang says:

    episode 3 please 🙂

  120. Nandhu says:

    Season 6 episode 3 please

  121. A.Hariharan says:

    Tkns in advance

  122. divya says:

    new epi plsss

  123. Nikhil says:

    Hi bro. Season 6 episode 3 please…

  124. Abhishek says:

    Download is very slow in season 1.

  125. Ash says:

    Dear Admin….Please let us kno wen vl b S06 e03 vl b availabe..

  126. Dini says:

    season 6 episode 3 PLEASE..

  127. Kunal says:

    Brother please upload episode 3 season 6

  128. Nalin says:

    Still Awaiting S06E03 link

  129. yoda says:

    upload the 3rd episode

  130. shalini says:

    Not getting the subtitles????

  131. Dheeraj Kumar says:

    Links aren’t working pls fix it….

  132. Hlaks2410 says:

    Thanx Admin, keep up the awesome work!!!

  133. Tanveer says:

    Hey guys just use chrome browser and all links will work smoothly

  134. B says:

    Nice website

  135. maninderjit sanghera says:

    can’t download game of thrones season 6 episode 2 and 3

  136. Sai says:

    Excellent work guys.. Thanks a lot.

  137. jamal says:

    Dear admin
    Can you upload camelot series

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  138. Aman says:

    i want to download season 6 aired episodes.. plz help n give. me link

  139. manish chauhan says:

    Pls upload season1 episode10

  140. subham says:

    Pls upload got s6 ep 4

  141. mac says:

    Got s6e4 pls….

  142. Ash says:

    Bro S6 e04 pleaaaase <3….

  143. Ash says:

    You are great Mr. Admin… Super site for downloading..Hatsoff

  144. A.Hariharan says:

    Links are not working. What happened. First it was downloading at super speed. Then it stopped downloading. When i retried its not downloading. Plzz fix this as soon as u can.

    • Admin says:

      all good here,idk i only see you complaining, even being and old user here,you better knw how things work here. use chrome if on phone. and use download manger to download

  145. The links are not working….not even on chrome.

  146. rohan says:

    Most of the time when i click on a season . I am redirected to a blank page and no links are given.please see to it.

    • Admin says:

      u r supposed to click on season links no wherre else more 3k users already downloaded, use chrome for better view if u r on fon

  147. Karan says:

    why is the download link comming in popup window…. its being hard to download…. episode 2 480p link please…

    • Admin says:

      what problem u facing by ppopup? use chrome if on phone. because of large content we had to put it on popup.

  148. raj says:

    Please add GOT season 6 episode 4

  149. Thamizh says:

    Thank you man…

  150. kalyan says:

    S06E04 is not there sir . May be there is any problem please check and fix it .

  151. parikshit says:

    Direct links are not working a new link is opened which goes to a new website

  152. keerthan says:

    I heard these episodes telecast first in US and later in India. Is it true??

  153. Himani says:

    Please update the link for season 1 episode 10.

  154. Adeel says:

    Great work.. Thanks Admin

  155. Frank says:

    Ow good lord ! bookmarked this page and shout outs to the admin who made it easier for us to download any kind of movies/series we want especially game of thrones. And the admin here is very friendly almost 95% of all comments have replies so we the people must be thankful and be patient sorry for my grammar though . Anyways thank you admin awesome job 12/10

  156. aakash dubey says:

    sry airing on 22nd of may …but plz uplode it by next day

  157. Ghost says:

    Admin, please upload season 6 latest episode.

  158. jon_pool says:

    I heard episode 5 (The Door) is leaked is it true??

  159. aakash dubey says:

    plz uplode SE6 episode 5.. soon

  160. Kased says:

    Admin pls upload all batman animated movies pls.

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  161. Narthan says:

    When will you be uploading season 6 episode 5 admin??

  162. Sahil says:

    Season six links episode 6 to 10 not showing please fix

  163. saurabh says:

    Admin se5 ep9& 10 links not showing pls tell what to do

  164. maninderjit sanghera says:

    season 6 episode 2,3,4,5 link not working. i’m trying it from many days

  165. Keerthan says:

    When will u update S6 episode 6 is it tomo??

  166. Bhaumik says:

    Update season 6 episode 6 of game of thrones

  167. Ashish Patil says:

    Admin you are simply incredible…
    Thank you…:-)

  168. Ned stark says:

    Episode 6 upload pls

  169. mac says:


  170. NSK says:

    Is season 6 episode 6 available!!!

  171. Thamizh says:

    Thank you

  172. mac says:

    Unable to download bro

  173. shradz says:

    Cant fund epi 6

  174. Rajat Talnikar says:

    Season Unable to download season 6 :(. It opens a blank page when i click at season 6.

  175. Neeraj shukla says:

    Thanks Admin…pls upload all easons of ‘the last ship’

  176. Kunal says:

    Download links of arrow s4e22 and e23 are not working Pls correct it

  177. KJ says:

    Please upload “the fall” series

  178. akshay says:

    Pls upload GoT S6e6 “Blood of my blood” episode. It’s been 3days frm episode actually went on air..

  179. Rohit says:

    All season r in English or Hindi???

  180. sonu says:

    only New.mkv link is working

  181. sam says:

    I cannot find the 10th episode of season 1 and 2 here.Please help

  182. Nilesh says:

    Thank You so much….too awesome site..great work..

  183. Abing K says:

    At what time tomorrow you’ll add the new episode. Also please add Homeland s1 to s5 🙂

  184. Abing K says:

    thanks man. you’re the best 🙂

  185. jatin says:

    When u will be adding?

  186. deepak says:

    upload season 6 episode 7 in 720p

  187. Thamizh says:

    Thank you ????

  188. Keerthan says:

    Episode8 please ????????

  189. fazal Akbar says:

    Hey bro can u upload beauty and the beast all available sessions.

  190. kiva shumar says:

    all the links work perfectly. Gud job admin!

  191. fazal Akbar says:

    OK No problem

  192. Neeraj says:

    s4e10 not available.Please check the same.

  193. ehtisham roy says:

    great work..bro…

  194. Sahejpal arneja says:

    Great site
    Well done

  195. Kaify says:

    man I just ran a GOT S6 marathon …so I am guessing ep 7 is the latest available

  196. Bitch says:

    When will you upload epi 8

  197. mac says:

    Got s6e8 pls

  198. NEERAJ SHUKLA says:

    Pls upload the last ship bro…

  199. Roderick says:

    please upload :- game of throne- season 6 episode 9

  200. Chandra says:

    Links are working guys..thanks to admin . Btw when u upload s06 e09?

  201. Heera says:

    Plz upload S6E9 links

  202. Virendra Gurjar says:

    we are waiting for s6 e9 plz upload it.

  203. prakash says:

    Upload Ep 9

  204. Provakar Sarkar says:

    S6ep9….when will it be here????
    And plz add Preacher.

  205. RAM GAURAV says:

    Plz upload s6e9….

  206. Ned star says:

    Upload the latest episode

  207. Rohan says:

    Got s6 e09 plz

  208. Stark says:

    the link isn’t working for GOT s6 e09

  209. Abid Ul Kamal says:

    Downloading speed of GOT S06E09 is too much slow

  210. Chandra says:

    Once again thanks my friend ????

  211. Hari says:

    Admin unable to download s6e9 it’s going to diff page

  212. Rahul says:

    speed is very slow unable to download

  213. number 1 says:

    I need to download the fosters. It is a seasonal movie, but it is not available on this website. Can it be available

    • Admin says:

      goto contact us page and request there along with imdb link(if imdb link not included request will be cancelled)

  214. gauri mhatre says:

    best site for downloading i have ever came across
    it would be better if upload small ville seasons

    • Admin says:

      goto contact us page and request there along with imdb link(if imdb link not included request will be cancelled)

  215. Sohail Ahmad says:

    Dear Admin,
    Please upload The Thundermans TV Series all sessions.

    • Admin says:

      goto contact us page and request there along with imdb link(if imdb link not included request will be cancelled)

  216. Roushan says:

    Admin plz upload season 6 finale as soon as possible plz..

  217. Sabitha Sivadas says:

    Thank you Admin for this site. One of the best sites for downloading movies and series. The other sites gave me much trouble in downloading GoT, taking me from one place to the other and I found myself running around in a kind of maze. So this site was a blessing to me and I see a halo around your head Admin. 🙂

    • Admin says:

      oh Thank you Sabitha, Thats what the purpose of this site to make downloads easier. Thanks for visiting and downlaoding 🙂

  218. gaurav says:

    Game of thrones s01 e10 is missing..plz upload it..

  219. Jay says:

    Ep 9 and 10 are just the old short clips and are parts from the GOT season….is it finished now

  220. Hritwikshakta says:

    there are so many subtitle files and most of them are’nt synced properly. plz provide link if possible..thanxx

    • Admin says:

      well that was all u cud try,
      there is a trick to sync use G n H to fwd or delay subs while playing, try it it will work out

  221. AbhiXeon says:

    admin ,are these GOT episodes censored ???

  222. Anushka says:

    Season 5 episode 10 link not working properly.

  223. samar says:

    Hey admin, if possible can u pls check the season link. Actually when i do click on any season link an pop up appears and ask to choose browser to visit the page but the problem is when we choose browder like uc or chrome the page redirect us to the google page.. the all im trying to say is “season” link is not working here pls fixed it.

    • Admin says:

      let the page completely load first then click season it will show episode list click on ny episode to download it

  224. Faizan says:

    Season 4 link is not working.

  225. charul says:

    Hey admin.there is an extra pre season 2 special epsoide named You win or You die.i saw that on plz do upload it too.thanku

  226. naeem says:

    download links are not present

  227. priest says:

    Hello admin thanks for a great upload. I want to request you to upload season 6 episodes of 720p PROPER instead of HDTV. i saw Epi 1 of proper and now HDTV quality is looks bad than PROPER. can you please upload Epi 2 to 10 in 720p PROPER?

  228. priest says:

    Hello again, i found that season 6 from episode 3 to 10 : HDTV 720p links are not starting download. Thanks.

  229. aqil m1stake says:

    Admin fire and blood missing in season 1 its s01e10

  230. vivek says:

    Can’t find season 1 episode 10

  231. Loki says:

    so5e10 link is not working

  232. SEEN SATHYA says:

    You are doing a great job n also d best n also provide more South Indian movies like Tamil movies

  233. Jothivannan says:

    Links are not working now, it states the site can’t be reached when i tried to download

  234. karn singh says:

    I am unable to download game of throne season 3 all part plz help me and do some thing my lord tell me how can i download all the part of game of throne trough this wepsite if there are any other wepsite through which ican also download the this episode than plzz tell me

  235. Legacy says:

    Dude season 5 links not working says 404

  236. Enigma says:

    Bro season 5 links displaying 404 error

  237. AD says:

    i am not able to download any series.

  238. prakhar says:

    I found 6 episodes only in season six. Where are the others???

  239. Ramneek says:

    Nothing is working.
    How to download the series

  240. Ramneek says:

    Alot of popups.
    Please fix it.

  241. darshan says:

    Season 4 links not working

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