House of Cards HDTV Season 1 – 4 480p /720p Direct Links

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46 Responses

  1. Jose says:

    Could u upload the remaining episodes in season 4.

  2. Nagarajan says:

    Thanks for your work

  3. subrat says:

    House of cards S01 480p links not working
    Plz solve it

  4. Abhay says:

    links for season 3 and 4 not working

  5. Naman says:

    Thanks for uploading ^_^

  6. tt says:

    Working! Thanks

  7. MAh says:

    Hai Buddy,

    All the episodes in 480 p of Season 3 and 4 are corrupted. After downloading, they are playing only half and stopping. There are no full episodes. Tried in Mac as well PC. Even two of my friends found same issue.

  8. Vijay raj says:

    could you please add synced subtitles of this tv series

    • Admin says:

      subtitles link have been provided, try searching sync version there, otherwise google “sync subtitles in VLC” it wil tel u how to sync

  9. piyush says:

    none of the season links are working…plz fix them…diz z d prb with other shows also

  10. Andy says:

    This is great! Good work, I know how much it is, well done!

  11. Arjun says:

    house of cards=season1 ..they are not getting downloaded …the videos.
    straight to a video player….

  12. umair butt says:

    House of cards season 2 links of episode 5 to 13 not working

  13. naveelsion says:

    Admin could u please add the tudors

  14. dk says:

    season 4 cannot download

  15. Nikhil says:

    Please upload season 5

  16. Samar says:

    Season 2 480p links are not working. Please fix it.

  17. Himani says:

    Season 2 480p links are showing error 404 not found.

  18. saiulchi says:

    Season3 episode 7 is not playing says unsupported format….. besides that all are working fine…
    Thanks for uploading these files buddy

  19. Dilawar Khan says:

    Plz repair season 2 720p link

  20. Dilawar Khan says:

    Bro season 3 link is showing the result for season 2 check it out.

  21. nikhil says:

    hello admin,
    house of cards season 4 episode 4 is in portugese language. can u upload in english

  22. Don says:

    Admin :
    It’s very hard to get 720p of cards.. plz do something

  23. shubham says:

    link in not working .plz fix this.
    403 forbidden is showing !!

  24. Abhikunnur says:

    Show 404 errors on season 2 plz help

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