Legends of Tomorrow 2016 HDTV Season 1-2 480p 720p Direct Links

Legends of Tomorrow HDTV Season 1-2

legends of tommorow download direct movieslounge.in
Legends of Tomorrow 2016 HDTV Season 1-2 Direct Links
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Rating: 8.6 / 10
English language
Quality: 480p – 720p
Format: MKV
Size: 200 MB
Product: The CW , DC comics
Stars: Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Stephen Amell

Status: Playing (2016 -)

Synopsis :
Rip Hunter with the help of arrows and Europe to form a group of superheroes, including Black Canary, the Atom, Captain Cold, Hawk Gyrl and to avoid traveling at the time of apocalyptic event and to save the world …


DC’s Legend.s of Tomorrow, or simply Legend.s of Tomorrow, is a TV series that began airing January 21, 2016. It’s described as a “superhero team-up show”, acting as a spin-off of sorts from Arrow and The Flash.[1] The show’s first season will have 16[2] 1 hour episodes.[3]Phil Klemmer serves as the series’ showrunner.[4]Blake Neely serves as composer for the series, as he previously has for Arrow and The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow 2016 HDTV Season 1 Direct Download Links

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Season 2


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115 Responses

  1. kevinyanuar20 says:

    Episode 2 already exists. please share

  2. Benmax says:

    Episode 3 is out, looking forward for the update.

  3. sohail khan says:

    please upload episode 13, 14 of supergirl

  4. akash says:

    Sir how to get subtitles of episode 12 of flash

  5. Benmax says:

    Episode 4 already available, looking forward for the update.

  6. Dody says:

    Please upload grimm season 5 episode 9

  7. Gulfam Arif says:

    Dear admin. i have seen many websites of this type but yours really is the best one. its my 2nd day to visit this and i have easily downloaded all what i wanted to..

    Appreciations for your work.

  8. sameer kumar says:

    please provide english subtitles

  9. prashant says:

    Please update legends of tomorrow (episode 5)

  10. Syed Aquib says:

    episode 5?

  11. harshit says:

    Episode 5 update

  12. Memphis says:

    Hey Can you upload vikings Season 4 ?

  13. Sam Redfield says:

    Can you please upload I zombie whole season

  14. Rohan says:

    Hey can you upload Jessica Jones Season 1

  15. Akshat krishna says:

    Plz upload epidose 6

  16. Ravish says:

    please upload episode 6

  17. Akshat krishna says:

    Uplaod episode 6 of legend of tomorrow

  18. Shipra says:

    Please upload once upon a time TV series all seasons in 720p

  19. zizzu says:

    Please update legends of tomorrow episode 7

  20. sohail khan says:

    legends-of-tomorrow part-7 720p dos not work. please fix this problem.

  21. neha says:

    please upload constantine series

  22. sohail khan says:

    Dear Admin
    Legends of Tomorrow Part-7 720px265 download link working fine. But after downloading its not played in any media player. please upload again.

  23. lahiru tharaka says:

    thankz admin. good work

  24. akash says:

    Sir plz upload Legends of Tomorrow Part-8

  25. Samar says:

    Hi Admin, im a regular visitor of your website but since few days whenever i visit at your webpage im getting a pop up message calls “Remove addblock from your browser” and cause of this message i just can’t use your website till i didn’t remove my addblock add ons, but few days before i was not getting this pop up and i was able to use your website without removing my addblock add ons, so if possible can you please solve that why we are getting such pop up.

  26. pracenkz says:

    Episode 9

  27. A.Hariharan says:

    Hi Admin Legends of tomorrow S1E5 is not at all downloading in my mobile.I downloaded the remaining episodes in Legends of tomorrow.Plzz solve this problem

  28. karan says:

    Episode 9 has not 480p link..Please upload in 480p too…Thanks.

  29. pravenkz says:

    Episode 9 720p link is not working

  30. Akshat krishna says:

    Episode 9 cant be downloaded why

  31. A.Hariharan says:

    I know that E9 will be released on Mar31 but if its not even released then y link is there

  32. A.Hariharan says:

    Plzz upload Legends of tomorrow E9 now.I can wait

  33. Aspin says:


  34. zizzu says:

    Pls add legends of tomo episode 10

  35. Rohan says:

    Add Episode 11th pls..

  36. A.Hariharan says:

    Plzz add e12

  37. Rohan says:

    Episode 12th pls..

  38. Sohail Ahmad says:

    please upload legend of tomorrow s-1 episod-12

  39. adex says:

    plz upload grimm season 5 epi 18

  40. A.Hariharan says:

    Plzz upload legends of tomorrow s1e13

  41. adex says:

    upload grimm epi 19

  42. adex says:

    plz upload originals epi 19

  43. sohail ahmad says:

    dear admin plz upload legend of tomorrow episode-14

  44. A.Hariharan says:

    Episode 15 plzzz

  45. A.Hariharan says:

    When is the release date of s1e16

  46. karan says:

    Episode 16 aired…plz upload

  47. Joyal says:

    Please upload l.o.t.episode 16

  48. Akshat says:

    Episode 16 plzz

  49. sikandar says:

    Hello add epicode 10 of games of throne season 1

  50. sikandar says:

    This is awesome..

  51. MS says:

    Hi Mr. Admin
    Could u plz upload episodes in [ HEVC 480p & 720 ]
    B.coz this format is too small by size highly compressed & too good for quality…

  52. salman ahmed says:

    Admin can you please update the flash. Season 2 1080 direct links b’coz the full season is not there in 1080 format. Thank you.

  53. Ajaz says:

    plz update s2 e1

  54. Amar says:

    Admin can u plz upload season 2 e1 and lucifer s2 e3

  55. Amar says:

    Plz upload e2

  56. Ajaz says:

    hey plz add ep 3

  57. Amar says:

    plz upload e3 and arrow e4

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