New Girl Season 1- 6 HDTV Direct Links

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29 Responses

  1. pihu says:

    thank u thank u thank u sir 🙂 🙂 made my day:)

  2. salvatore says:

    Sir …I am not able to download season 1,2,3, sys cannot find server will you plz fix this

  3. salvatore says:

    Thank you,sir

  4. masab says:

    Sir Please upload episode 17 to 22 of season 5 of new girl

  5. pihu says:

    sir plz upload the magicians

  6. Baivab says:

    This is awesome
    will you please enable us to download a complete season at one time?

  7. pihu says:

    sir can u plz upload – The Magicians

  8. Prateek says:

    Sir please update links for season 2

  9. Hardik Singal says:

    season 5 links are not available, instead season 2 links are shown

  10. G.R.Jagadeesh says:

    admin, frst of all thanks…… and some are nice 75mb files and some are 120-150 mb files…. i dont know the reason but why the variation…please make sure everything in small size..

    • Admin says:

      no such issue use download manager or firefox to download, dont use chrome to download , links get broken in it sometimnes

  11. G.R.Jagadeesh Babu says:

    sir please…..take in to serious consideration of my comment…….i cant download the all the episodes by once, i mean if i download one episode if i press other one at the same time, i can’t download it. please, please consider this…. i downloaded baby daddy all the seasons at once with out any problem so please rectify and it and make this site a best site for downloading tv series

    • Admin says:

      you can download any episode number u want without any limit no such restriction provided by us check problem at ur end

      • G.R.Jagadeesh says:

        the error is…”no connection could be made because the target actively refused it” when i’m using idm. please consider this. i’m not using any kind of proxy or whatever. i use chrome and idm and im getting this error. this error occures when i tried to download 2 episodes or more at once. please verify this. please. i largely depend on your site.

        • Admin says:

          try 2-3 times its the problem at ur end, if u download via chrome it will work which means problem is not at our end

          • G.R.Jagadeesh says:

            it can be downloaded using chrome but idm is fast and there are so many options. it worked in the past. why now?

            • G.R.Jagadeesh says:

              a little thumbs, i downloaded stranger things all at once which updated after new girl. i noticed link with dl.ari….something are working nicely but bia2movies links like this and tomorrow people i noticed not downloading properly, is there any chance u can fix it??

            • Admin says:

              i dont think there is any such issue btw its better u download one episode at a time because downloading wouldnt mean u can watch 2 at the same time, i know u wana download all at once so u put it in the list, but my recommendation in thhis case would be to use IDM scheduler and limit file to 1 file at a time, it will download and put the next in download when 1st is finished. and even would shut ur pc after dl completes.

  12. G.R.Jagadeesh says:

    thanks to your patience. thnks to your website. it seems you don’t really understand the problem. that’s ok. i will download what ever that is downloadable and whatever i like in them. it’s a small issue. but i always admire your work

  13. Kazim says:

    Dear Admin, gOod Day.

    Please update new girl season 6 till episode 5 its all ready aired.