Permanent Roommates TVF 480p 720p Season 1-2[Updated]

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Permanent Roommates TVF  Season 1-2

Permanent Roommates season 1 -2 download direct
Permanent Roommates TVF 480p 720p Season 1-2
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p 360p 480p WEBRip
Size: 150mb/300-500Mb
Starcast: Nidhi Singh, Sumeet Vyas

Plot: A couple, who were in a long distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of getting married.
This series is a happy break from the clichéd stuff. It depicts the modern society, broad-minded and reasonable people, within a simple story line. Basically, its easier to relate to this with the things happening around you. This show will make you think, but first, it will make you laugh. There isn’t a dull moment. Moreover, its a punch packed in five short videos. What makes it better is awesome acting by each and everyone. Also, its easily available on YouTube. So here I have what I have been waiting for – Indian actors, Hindi language (has English subs too), a short and fast-paced series, and I ain’t disappointed at all

The Viral Fever also popularly abbreviated TVF is an online digital entertainment channel. According to Arunabh Kumar the founder of this creative network, the idea behind the launch of the network was to reach out to the younger generation who seldom watch the television to either pass the time or for entertainment.[1] They have created a web series called Permanent Roommates.[2] The series was the second most-viewed long-form web series in the world at one time.[3] They released their second original series know as ‘TVF Pitchers’ – a show focused on how engineers working in different companies quit their jobs and start a startup.[4]

TVF have covered topics such as Indian politics, movies, lifestyle, social concepts, etc in their videos.[5] As of March 2015, TVF videos have more than a million subscribers on YouTube.[6] They have now created a separate website to host their videos called TVF Play.

TVF conceptualized the idea of promoting movies through creation and distribution of original digital content. Ishq Wala song series is one such venture.[7]

Owing to its growing popularity with both TVF Pitchers and Permanent Room.mates being watched by millions around the globe, they received funding of $10 Million from Tiger Global as was reported on 17th Feb 2016..[8]

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Episodes are in reverse order Download Carefully
Season 1 Season 2
Permanent Roommates | S01E05 – ‘The Agreement’ 360p
Permanent Roommates | S01E05 – ‘The Agreement’ 720p
Permanent Roommates | S01E04 – ‘The Bridegroom’ 360p
Permanent Roommates | S01E04 – ‘The Bridegroom’ 720p
Permanent Roommates | S01E03 – ”The Bachelor Pad’ 360p
Permanent Roommates | S01E03 – ”The Bachelor Pad’ 720p
Permanent Roommate | S01E02 – ‘The Father-In-Law’ 360p
Permanent Roommate | S01E02 – ‘The Father-In-Law’ 720p
Permanent Roommate | S01E01 – ‘The Proposal’ 360p
Permanent Roommate | S01E01 – ‘The Proposal’ 720p
Permanent Roommate S02E07 | The Attempt – Season Finale 720p
Permanent Roommate S02E07 | The Attempt – Season Finale 360p

Permanent Roommate S02E06 | The Gift 720p
Permanent Roommate S02E06 | The Gift 360p

Permanent Roommate | S02E05 – ‘The Memories’ 480p
Permanent Roommate | S02E05 – ‘The Memories’ 360p

Permanent Roommate | S02E05 – ‘The Memories’ 720p
Permanent Roommate S02E04 – ‘The Dinner’ 480p

Permanent Roommate | S02E04 – ‘The Dinner’ 360p
Permanent Roommate | S02E04 – ‘The Dinner’ 720p

Permanent Roommate _S02E03 – ‘The Event’ 480p
Permanent Roommate | S02E03 – ‘The Event’ 360p
Permanent Roommate | S02E03 – ‘The Event’ 720p

Permanent Roommate | S02E02 – ‘The Man’ 360p
Permanent Roommate | S02E02 – ‘The Man’ 720p
Permanent Roommate | S02E01 – ‘The Parents’ 360p

Permanent Roommate | S02E01 – ‘The Parents’ 720p