Reign 2013-17 Season 1-4 480p 720p HDTV Direct Links

Reign 2013-17 Season 1-4 480p 720p HDTV.

Reign season 1-3 download direct
Reign 2013-16 Season 1-4 480p 720p HDTV Direct Links
Ratings: 7.6 Out of 10
Genre:- History,fantasy,Romance
Directed By Brad Silberling
Format: MKV
Size: average of each section 150, 350 MB
Release Date: 2013
Product: America
English language
Channel player: CW America
Creators: Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta
Starring:-Adelaide Kane,Megan Follows,Torrance Coombs,Toby Regbo,Jenessa Grant,Celina Sinden,Caitlin Stasey,Anna Popplewell,Alan Van Sprang,Jonathan Keltz,Sean Teale,Craig Parker,Rose Williams,Rachel Skarsten,Charlie Carrick,Ben Geurens

Quality:- 480p/720p
No. Of Season:-3 (Total episode 59)
Season 1 (2013–14)
Season 2 (2014–15)
Season 3 (2015–16)

Summary:- The highly fictionalized series follows the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots during her years living in France. The first season takes place in 1557, with Mary living in French court and awaiting her marriage to Prince Francis, to whom she has been engaged since they were six. Mary has to contend with changing politics and power plays, as well as her burgeoning feelings for Francis and the romantic attentions of Francis’s bastard half-brother, Bash. Francis’s mother, Catherine de’ Medici, secretly tries to prevent the marriage following Nostradamus’s confidential prediction that the marriage will lead to Francis’s death. The series also follows the affairs of Mary’s Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola, and Greer, who are searching for husbands of their own at court.Reign 2013-16 Season 1  HDTV Direct Download Links 480p 720p  Reign 2013-16 Season 1 480p Watch Online Reign 2013-16 Season 1 150mb 60mb Download torrent
The second season opens after the death of King Henry II, and follows the rise of Francis and Mary as King and Queen of France and Scotland. Together they have to balance their marriage with their roles as monarchs, and deal with the rising religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants, as well as the ambitions of the rival House of Bourbon for the throne of France.
The third season follows Francis’s declining health and eventual death, leaving Mary a widow. Mary and Francis make the most of their last weeks together in closeness, as well as planning the passing of power to Francis’s brother Charles as the new king and Francis’s mother, Catherine, as the future regent. Following Francis’s death partway through the season, Mary has to cope with no longer being tied to France as its Queen, and decide how best to protect Scotland’s interests. The third season also introduces the court of Queen Elizabeth of England, who plots against Mary, fends off marital prospects, and deals with her secret love affair with Robert Dudley.


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