Request Rules

Request Policy has Changed only with highest no. of  vote request will be uploaded/Added first instead of First request/First Added basis.

Please Read the rules Below before requesting

Must Read before requesting:

  • We work hard to find the movies or series you request in direct links , if still not found apologies for same don’t generate same request twice please, it wastes our efforts and time
  • Request only one movie or series per week: we receive many requests and cant fulfill it so fast,  if u break this rule your request will not be prioritized. One Request a week. In extreme voiding rules  user can be Blocked too.

  • Don’t send same request again and again , we consider it and put it on vote list on first come first serve basis.
  • Requests will take days to be fulfilled .(Trust me uploading, formatting and making post is hard job,Takes Time)
  • TV Show Request : Please don’t make false request check first if its telecast-ed on US TV after one day it will be uploaded. Keep in mind next time. To check telecast time go to
  • On the right sidebar under Voting Requested Movies/Series   you can see request generated by others , yours will be shown there after requesting.
  • Appreciate our work if you like it by Email back at or by following us
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New Requests are on pause due to server maintainance .

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