Request Rules

Get your movie/TV Series in Just 1(same) day

1.Goto any movie/TV series  post
2.Click on FB share button and Share on you FB with quoted “Love MoviesLounge”
3.Share its Screenshot on Movieslounge FB Page.
4.Get your Direct movie Series Link Right Away
5.Message your request on FB page


Must Read before requesting:

  • We work hard to find the movies or series you request in direct links , if still not found apologies for same don’t generate same request twice please, it wastes our efforts and time
  • Request only one movie or series per week: we receive many requests and cant fulfill it so fast,  if u break this rule your request will not be prioritized. One Request a week. In extreme voiding rules  user can be Blocked too.

  • Don’t send same request again and again , we consider it and put it on vote list on first come first serve basis.
  • Requests will take days to be fulfilled .(Trust me uploading, formatting and making post is hard job,Takes Time)
  • TV Show Request : Please don’t make false request check first if its telecast-ed on US TV after one day it will be uploaded. Keep in mind next time. To check telecast time/date go to
  • On the right sidebar under Voting Requested Movies/Series   you can see request generated by others , yours will be shown there after requesting.
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