Review of Castle

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Review : Castle

Premise: Castle is a story about a writer, Richard castle. He’s famous for his thriller stories but after he kills off a major character he suffers from writer’s block. So he joins NYPD detective Kate Beckett in solving crimes to gaincastle inspiration for his novels.

What I feel: Castle is a slick criminal drama. The character Beckett is one of the best female characters on TV and castle is an excellent consultant. Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle is great and his comic timing is spot on. Stana Katic as Kate Beckett is in top form as she goes around beating up the bad guys in New York. Overall, castle is a good show to watch, as it has interesting cases coming up in every episode. The supporting characters blend in well. A few episodes may be dragged but overall its a good watch and is worthy of beingĀ  recommended to everyone.

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