Rogue(2013-) HDTV Season 1 – 4 Direct Links

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Rogue(2013-) HDTV Season 1 – 4

Rogue season 1-3 download direct
Rogue HDTV Season 1 – 3 Direct Download Links
Genre: Drama
Quality: 480p – 720p
Format: MKV
Size: Average per section 225, 350 MB
Release Date: 2013
Product: America
Rating: 6.8 / 10
English language
Channel player: Audience Network America

The story series about a detective named Grace who is morally and emotionally conflicted. He’s looking for his son’s mysterious death and …Rogue is a police drama television series starring Thandie Newton. Though set in Northern California, the series is filmed in Vancouver. A Canadian-British co-production, the series was co-commissioned by DirecTV’s Audience Network, and the Canadian premium services The Movie Network and Movie Central.[1]

The series’ ten-episode second season aired from May 28 through July 30, 2014.[2][3] On August 12, 2014, DirecTV renewed the series for 20 additional episodes.Rogue HDTV Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Direct Download Links Genre: Drama, mystery, thriller Rogue Download 480p 720p Season 1 , Season 2 Season 3 Season 6 150mb 60mb Download torrent kickass

Grace Travis begins as a San Jose police officer working undercover in Oakland to bring down Jimmy Laszlo’s criminal enterprise. After Grace’s son is murdered, she and Jimmy discover they have a common purpose. In the second season, Grace takes a new job as a handler for an FBI task force investigating corporate espionage in San Francisco. When a female undercover operative goes missing, Grace is forced undercover where she meets Ethan, a charming and enigmatic security consultant who might be responsible for the disappearance, or even death, of the operative.
In the third season, Grace is convinced that Ethan is key to her survival and goes to Chicago. There, Ethan infiltrates the firm of notorious attorney and power broker, Marty Stein, whose dealings are shown to extend into one of Chicago’s most feared gangs. Meanwhile, Ethan meets Marlon Dinard, a respectable, high-end store owner, who also seems to have more going on than meets the eye.
Ethan tracks him and his half-sister Talia. When a reporter who nearly discovers the depths of Marty’s empire winds up dead, Federal Agent Harper Deakins investigates his death. Grace and Ethan work together to bring down those who murdered her son and have Ethan under their thumb. A powerful conspiracy that connects the white-collar boardrooms to the gangs of Chicago is ultimately revealed.


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