Small Wonder- Season One (1986) TV Show

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Small Wonder (1986)


Original run: 07 September 1985 — 11 February 1989
Total episodes: 24
Language : English
Size : (70-80mb/episode)
Summary: Father Ted Lawson creates a robot, Vicki (played by Tiffany Brissette). The family–Ted, Joan and Jamie–keep Vicki’s identity secret, and pretend that she is their daughter. Harriet, their nosy and annoying neighbor, has a crush on Jamie and plans to marry him. The story lines revolve around V.I.C.I. (an acronym for Voice Input Child Identicant, pronounced “Vicki”), an android in the form of a 10-year-old girl. V.I.C.I. was built by Ted Lawson, an engineer/inventor for United Robotronics, in an effort to assist handicapped children. The robot is taken home by Lawson so that it can mature within a family environment. V.I.C.I.’s features include superhuman strength and speed, an AC outlet under her right arm, a serial port under her left arm, and an access panel in her back. Despite this, the Lawson family initially tries to pass V.I.C.I. off as an orphaned family member whom they eventually legally adopt as their daughter.

Nostalgia Redefined ^_^


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