Supernatural Season(1- 12) BRrip 480p / 720p Direct Links

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96 Responses

  1. Himasha says:

    Thanks dear you are doing great job

  2. nyomnwd says:

    There is no sub for this version. I have try all of version from brrip, hdtv etc but nothing match :(((

  3. harshit says:

    Plz upload all seasons in 720p

  4. harshit says:

    Plz upload the vampire diaries all seasons in 720p

  5. anonymous says:

    go to try the subs uploaded by elderman

  6. James Anthony Seelin says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it, this is for real lol just in time that I found your site because I am loosing hope 🙁 thank you very much, you don’t know how happy I am because of you! ????

  7. Allan Reyes says:

    Thank you very much for sharing, and hope to continue until the end of supernatural, May I request if you have also a copy of Teenwolf? thank you again and more power to you Admin

    • Admin says:

      you are welcome bro, absolutely till the end :). Teen wolf is already there go and search.

  8. Allan Reyes says:

    Can I request for the series of Izombies and Lucifer. Thank you very much

  9. Hakkymah says:

    Hello admin could u please upload Grimm SO5E12/13?

  10. Amin says:

    Hello admin could u please upload the 100

  11. ark says:

    Can u upload the new episode

  12. ark says:

    I get this error when downloading s11e16. ” Unfortunately, this URL is wrong “

  13. Sherkhan says:

    I am unable to open s11e16

  14. Teddy says:

    Hello, can you please update newest Supernatural episodes? Thank you for uploading all past season. <3<3

  15. Manasa says:

    Could you upload grey’s anatomy?

  16. Praditya says:

    Can u upload episode 17 and 18?

  17. Zeeshan says:

    Supernatural Season 2 links are not working. Please fix………

  18. aishwarya says:

    can u plz upload the 19th episode of season 11 plz

  19. veer says:

    Hey!!I am not able to download super natural season 8 ,when I click on link it shows time out..plz help

  20. karthikeya says:

    same problem I also want supernatueal season 2 how much time will it take …..!

  21. tarun says:

    will you please upload episode 19 of season 11 🙂

  22. aishwarya says:

    Hey admin can u plz tell me how much time will it take to upload the 19th episode plz……

  23. birju says:


    i can’t be able to download any episode of season 4 after episode 6.
    Kindly Help.

  24. karthikeya says:

    thanks admin ur doing a gr8 job….

  25. karthikeya says:

    yaa lately i have a problem with it if i want to go another season i should refresh the page but now u gave a close button it easy now..

  26. sunil says:

    Where is e017 and 18 of season 11?

  27. gs says:

    plz add supernatural s011e21

  28. Drew says:

    Please upload ep 23 of season 11

  29. ak says:

    Add sex and city all seasons

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  30. Drew says:

    please add episode 23 of season 11

  31. aqsa says:

    Unable to dowload season1 🙁

  32. Jokerista13 says:

    I am so thankfull to you guys..
    Thank you so much for this link..
    Now i will spent my time in watching this epic series of supernatural…

  33. sanatan raj says:

    plz provide subtitles too,,,,its hard to find syncd subtitles

  34. Roy says:

    i was trying so hard to download supernatural as i m a new watcher but couldnt get it…thanku so so much dude u r doin an awsm job here!!!!

  35. Jack says:

    I cant download starting from season 3 and above.It gave me the time out issues.

    • Admin says:

      links are working fine like it should, u can try below solutions btw
      clear ur cache and history of last hour \
      or use another browser or device
      or change isp if possible n leme knw if it helped

  36. AJEET says:

    why i cant download season 4 episodes ….links not working…plz fix it admin

  37. nawab says:

    plz admin fix links season 7 supernatural

  38. ajay says:

    All seasons links are not working properly.. Its shows time out… Pls fix

    • Admin says:

      might be temporary server issue try again, if it happens again plz wait n try again after some time or hours

  39. Milind says:

    Supernatural season 11 links are not working plz fix it

  40. Dinesh says:

    Hello admin the supernatural season 11 links are not working plz fix the problem ASAP

  41. Bhavya Rajput says:

    I still can’t download any episode

  42. Bhavya Rajput says:

    Thank u so much…

  43. Ashish Kumar says:

    i can’t able to download any season.

  44. Meenakshi says:

    Links are not working

  45. ritz says:

    i can’t download season 5 of supernatural…..plz fix this..

  46. sucham says:

    Thnx fr uploding S12
    Plz upload suicide squad 480p asap

  47. sucham says:

    Plz upload ep 2 asap