The Flash Season 1 – 3 HDTV 480p 720p 1080p Direct Links

The Flash

The Flash Season 1-2 480p 720p 1080p DirectLink
The Flash Season 1-3 HDTV 480p 720p 1080p Direct Links

Genre: Action, adventure, tragedy, fantasy, science fiction, crime, mystery
8. 3/10
English language
Quality: 480p – x265 – 720p – 1080p
Format: MKV
Size: 575-275 – 175-150 MB
Product: America
Stars: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes
Director: Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg
Synopsis :
Serial story about a young detective named “Barry Allen” is that when the lightning hit the coma. After several months he comes out of the coma, but after a while realized that a certain power and its enormous speed that has led Barry to become the fastest man. So, Barry decides to save power and help the oppressed people of his city to use. But…

The is an American television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, airing on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen /, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds. It is a spin-off from Arrow. The series follows Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin, a crime scene investigator who gains super-human speed, which he uses to fight criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities.
The Flash Season 1   HDTV Direct Download Links 480p 720p  The Flash Season 3 Season 2 480p  720P 1080p Watch Online The Flash Season 3 episode 1 Season 2 150mb 60mb Download torrent

Initially envisioned as a backdoor pilot, the positive reception Gustin received during two appearances as Barry on Arrow led to executives choosing to develop a full pilot to make use of a larger budget and help flesh out Barry’s world in more detail. Colleen Atwood, costume designer for Arrow, was brought in to design the Flash’s suit, which was modeled after the comic books. The creative team wanted to make sure that the Flash would resemble his comic book counterpart, and not simply be a poor imitation. The series is primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.





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326 Responses

  1. Reyes says:


  2. Reyes says:

    Sir, I know this is too much to ask AGAIN LOL. But the 480p links seem to be broken. Can you please fix it? THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH SIR!

  3. ahmed Sharukh says:

    Please upload Daredevil Season 1 complete 480p thanks

  4. vamsi says:

    can u plz upload ‘walking dead’ seasons 1 and 2!

  5. Pan says:

    Please update the flash season 2

  6. John says:

    Please upload 9th episode of flash s2 480p ASAP.

  7. Reyes says:

    Sir, would you please kindly upload Mr, Robot? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  8. Shubh says:

    Hey There
    Sir do u have House M.D. series ?
    if yes then can you pls upload them
    Thank you.

  9. R4F1 says:

    Please upload sherlock bbc,,season 4
    Thanks,,I love this site very much.

  10. Kazim Raza says:

    Dear admin. Love your work here and admire your efforts.
    I am unable to download the season 2 episodes … please do look in to that..

  11. RANA PRATAP says:

    Please upload episode 10 of FLASH SEASON 2.

  12. deepanshu says:

    Can you upload a movie
    Pumping iron
    It’s about of 1957,1975

  13. kevinyanuar20 says:

    Episode 12 thx

  14. Rajeev says:

    When you gonna be upload flash ep12

  15. sohail khan says:

    Dear Admin Please upload episode 13, 14 of flash s-2

  16. Akshat says:

    When ep13 flash season2 coming on this website pls tell 🙂

  17. bala says:

    episode 13 14 15 of flash season 2

  18. Rajeev says:

    Hahaha that is good one reply Admin

  19. prashant says:

    Please update flash ( season 2 epiosde 13)

  20. Aquib says:

    the flash season 2 episode 13 is released. please upload asap

  21. Abhishek says:

    Would u plz upload The Flash S02 E14 & E15

    • Admin says:

      Bro, Check first if released or not then make request. Please dont make False requests. Its a request to all of you reading this. only till episode 13 is released yet.

  22. captain cold says:

    your link might be broken. not able to download.

  23. prashant says:

    Please update flash (season 2 episode 14)

  24. captain Cold says:

    waiting for episode 14 ☺

  25. Benmax says:

    Episode 14 already available looking forward for the update

  26. Syed Aquib says:

    episode 14 of season 2 is out. admin pls upload soon

  27. samir says:

    Hi admin!! Its nice work u do. I love this site. I think next episode might have released. Plz upload if I m right. Thank you.

  28. kalpi says:

    Dear sir where is episode 14 of season 2 Flash pls…. Upload it pls

  29. EthanAathy says:

    the flash season 2 episode 14 is released

    .Escape from Earth-2 Please Update…

  30. harshit says:

    Upload s02e15

  31. Syed Aquib says:

    episode 15 of flash season 2 is released. please upload asap admin. thank you. you are great!

  32. prashant says:

    Please update flash ( S02 E15)

  33. Indrajit says:

    I am currently downloading season 2 episodes of flash. there are only 15 episodes. can someone be kind enough to provide the direct download links for other episodes of season 2? much thanks for the great service provided here. really appreciate it!

  34. Pinz says:

    Dear Admin, Please upload Once Upon A Time full season 😀
    thank you so much

  35. sunny says:

    The 16th episode of season 2 will be aired on 22nd of march

  36. Akshat krishna says:

    Upload episode 16 of flash season 2

  37. karan says:

    Please Upload animated T.V Series too…Like Batman etc

  38. sunny says:

    yes the date is given in wikipedia

  39. Akshat krishna says:

    Sir can u update teenage mutants ninja turtle season episode

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check todo list on right sidebar.. movies n series requested by others.

  40. ashhar says:

    Man ! Please upload the 16 th episode of season 2. I m dying to watch

  41. Ryuzaki says:

    When would 16th episode will come. How much we have to wait

  42. shashank says:

    Please update flash (s02 e16)..

  43. Tarun Masand says:

    can u upload smallville please….

    • Admin says:

      New Requests are on pause this week cause of extra workload. Sorry about that 🙁
      New Requests will be welcomed next week.Thanx for co-operation.

  44. The Piyush says:

    Sir Cn u plz fix Quantico ep13 I am not able to dwnld.Plz

  45. NRK says:

    Upload it fast….m waiting for 16 episode of falsh season two…admin

  46. nikunj says:

    scorpions searies

  47. Hirock says:

    Was Episode 15 air or not ??? Plyz upload it soon

  48. ad says:

    Episode16 released update fast

    • Admin says:

      not yet wait for 24 hours atleast.. EPISODE AIRING TONIGHT 8PM ON The CW by US TIME. Please dont make false requests i am tired of people telling that. check torrent sites first or then request here .

  49. Akshat krishna says:

    Air update episode 16 of flashhh so much excited fr seeing it

  50. sameer kumar says:

    flash e 16 is uploaded on torrent, please upload subtitle

  51. Sohail Ahmad says:

    Dear Admin. Please Upload flash S2 episode.16.

  52. john says:

    Add The Flash S02E16 plz.

  53. ad says:

    Its released yesterday…. upload fast.

  54. A.Hariharan says:

    In it explained the whole story abt flash season 2 episode 16.It already came in India

  55. deadpool says:

    please upload episode 16

  56. Flash and arrows all episodes are very good

  57. David Kago says:

    hey, man can you please continue uploading it in 720p mkv. 720×265 dosen’t work on the phone i’m using. Speaking of, can you tell me how to use subtitles on phone if thats not a problem? thanks 🙂

  58. David Kago says:

    Micromax canvas currently!

    • Admin says:

      ok so its android phone, use MX player app it will be able to play x265 files, and theres a self search online and add subtitle option in it

  59. David Kago says:

    Done already! Thanks anyway.
    Damn i miss my laptop. Downloading with phone is such hassle. lol
    anyway, why did you stop with 1080p?

  60. ad says:

    Upload episode17

  61. Gamer boy says:

    Can you upload the flash episode 17 which has been released. 480p would be great.

  62. ad says:

    Hey… upload it

  63. Pinz says:


  64. zizzu says:

    Please upload flash episode 17

  65. A.Hariharan says:

    Hi admin can u upload flash s2e17 now.Don’t worry I can wait.

  66. Captain Cold says:

    Dudeee…. Upload Episode 17

  67. Akshat says:

    Ep 17 flash

  68. Rocky says:

    Episode 17??

  69. varun roxx says:

    ep 17 not downloading properly..plz fix the problem

  70. A.Hariharan says:

    Plzz upload flash s2e18

  71. zubair says:

    Plz upload s02e18

  72. deepsingh says:

    can u upload the secret circle

  73. Rohit Maik says:

    Hello Admin
    Thanks for these wonderful service of yours. 🙂
    Could you please tell me the most appropriate synced subtitles for The Flash

  74. zubair says:

    Plz upload Damien season one

  75. Sarah macwilson says:

    Admin..why can i download the flash season 1 ep 7???please……i need to watch that episode

  76. Sarah macwilson says:

    I donno..i just cannot download it..

  77. Sarah macwilson says:

    I dont know..i downloaded it and cannot open it..please fix this ep.:(

  78. akshat says:

    Can u upload justice league and youny justice

  79. Aspin says:


  80. zizzu says:

    Pls update episode 18

  81. sakshi says:

    Please upload the episode 18 of flash season 2.

  82. aksh agarwal says:

    sir please upload the secret circle series if possible

  83. mcarine says:

    admin please episode 18… its already 20th of april….

  84. ad says:

    Upload episode18

  85. Rohan says:

    Pls upload e18…. It is aired

  86. Sanket says:

    Hey i want to know when Flash season2 episode18 is uploading

  87. karan says:

    Episode 18 is aired now..Please upload it soon.

  88. Dinesh Gulati says:

    Hey Admin please upload episode 18 of

  89. Vivek says:

    Its 5:45 PM of 20th April…Pls upload season2 episode 18.

  90. arun says:

    Episode 18?

  91. barry says:

    I am waiting for the episode 18…maybe today or tomorrow 🙂 thanks

  92. A.Hariharan says:

    I think now u can upload flash s2e18

  93. Abhishek says:

    Plz upload s02e18

  94. Kawaldeep says:

    Virg kd paunge eo 18 ???

  95. Sanket says:

    Can u upload i spit on your grave 2 in hindi

  96. pihu says:

    sir new girl plz…….

  97. Adam says:

    Hi Admin, I know I’ve already requested this and I apologize dearly, but ia there any chance you could add Captain America the winter soldier?

  98. Adam says:

    Admin, something is wrong ep 14-15 s02 links other links download except these ones

  99. Adam says:

    Can’t wait for ep19 🙂

  100. zizzu says:

    Pls upload episode 19

  101. A.Hariharan says: says that flash s2 e20 is airing today Is it airing today or tomortow in india.Is it true

  102. Manish says:

    How much more time for flash s02 ep20

  103. A.Hariharan says:

    Can u plzz upload within 2:00pm

  104. brijesh says:

    Really Great job guys….keep it up… of the best websites to download english season in less time….thanks admin for providing all the working and updated links…Thumbs up!!!!!!!br

  105. sam says:

    Plz upload Beowulf. ..plss

  106. Som says:

    episode 21??

  107. ad says:

    Upload e21

  108. sohail ahmad says:

    Dear Admin
    Please Upload Flash S-2 Episode-21

  109. Aspin says:

    ep 21 pls

  110. akash says:

    Please upload episode 21 of the flash season 2

  111. jaskirat says:

    Add 21eo

  112. pihu says:

    sir episode 21 plz….dying to watch it …

  113. A.Hariharan says:

    Admin plzz reply something. R u listening to me?? Plzz fix that major problem. When I go to chrome and download these videos it takes exactly an hour or 2 to download a single file, but when I download in my default browser it just takes exactly 5-10 mins to download 2 files at the same time. Plzz fix this. Remove the Goddamn caution from this website.

  114. Rajeev says:

    plz upload se2 ep22

  115. Marianne says:

    How long will it take for S2 E22 to be uploaded? 🙂

  116. Mohit says:

    What time is s02 e22 of flash going to be added here

  117. Aspin says:

    EP 22 PLS

  118. Rajeev says:

    now when??

  119. pihu says:

    you are the best sir 🙂

  120. sam says:

    Admin pls you add Beowulf. ..plsss

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  121. Nuhash says:

    can u plz upload fringe season 5????

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check requested movies/series link on left side of to see all movies n series requested by others.

  122. Nuhash says:

    admin brother…..

  123. Aspin says:

    EP 23 PLS

  124. Drew says:

    please upload episode 23 of season 2

  125. sohail ahmad says:

    Please Upload flash S-2 episode-23

  126. sujay says:

    you took more than a day to upload flash s2 ep23

  127. ad says:

    Upload e23

  128. Manish says:

    Ep 23?

  129. surender says:

    Please upload last episode….

  130. jaskirat says:

    Eo 23

  131. avi says:

    Thanks sir… Your site is the best… Best reliable site for 480p movies/tv series…

  132. salman ahmed says:

    Admin sir there are only 12episodes of flash season 2 in 1080p format can you please update the list…

  133. shubham says:

    admin can you guide me to download a season at once without downloading each episode?

  134. Kenneth Tong says:

    Hello Admin. How do I get rid of the subtitles? Thanks a lot.

  135. mohan says:

    When season 3 will be release?

  136. Bhanu says:

    Download links not working for s02e17, s02e18

  137. ABHISHEK says:

    this wab site is so awesome

  138. Utkarsh says:

    Dear admin links r not working .

  139. Jamieson says:

    The link for 1080 wont work for me anymore

  140. RAJAN says:

    I am trying to download THE FLASH season 2
    But the download file is not loading. ….

  141. Ajaz Mirza says:

    Hello Sir The Link Isn’t Working I’m Downloading The Flash Season 2 And It’s Show The connection has timed out I Don’t Know What Is Going On It Might Be My Connection Problem Or Your Site Problem Plz Guide Me What To Do

  142. Please upload flash season 3 ep.1

  143. vasanth says:

    Will you upload season 3 of flash??

  144. Manish says:

    Today is 5th

  145. Amit says:

    Thnks dude

  146. abhishek says:

    admin pls add westworld series

  147. karan says:

    S03 E02 is out. Please upload it.
    Thank you.

  148. Atif Hussain says:

    Sir upload Flash S03 E02

  149. himanshu atwal says:

    thank you admin for great work. It is so far THE best website for tv series and movies.
    u rock and keep rocking

  150. ravi says:

    SoRy to say but sir your website is not working and movies lounge is like my lifeline. It is not opening on my browser. It always shows the GoDaddy page to sell the website please sir do the needful

  151. Admin says:

    why nt click link download will begin

  152. rajasimon says:

    waiting for the s3 e3 …

  153. Atif Hussain says:

    Sir Add S03E03

  154. preet says:

    Sir the 1 season links after 8 th episode are not opening and have already tried the tricks you mentioned above and with other device also plzzzzzz help

  155. kaaya says:

    Hey Admin,
    It’s beautiful work that you’re doing here.
    Thank you sooooo much :*

  156. Rahul says:

    U r really awsome admin !!??? really u r doing a great job, but the movies r not downloading from site, when i click on movie direct link ,there’s another site open which need some kind a password , how do i resolve this plez hlep.

  157. Rahul says:

    And also admin in UC broswer the full page of link is not showed only a small corner part seems , nd i use uc cuz of it is best for downloading can sort out nd help in this issue.

  158. Devanshu S says:

    I had posted this request on Cosmos page some weeks ago, can use manage to get ‘Through the wormhole’ series hosted by Morgan Freeman. It started in 2010-ongoing telecasted on Discovery Science Channel. I have downloaded cosmos and looking forward for corporation for this serial. Thanks again, we really appreciate your work and support.

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