The IT Crowd Season 1-4 DVDRip Direct Links

The IT Crowd Season 1-4 DVDRip

The IT Crowd season 1-4 download direct
The IT Crowd Season 1-4 DVDRip Direct Download Links
Rating: 8.6 /10imdb
Genre: Comedy
Country: UK
Language: English
Quality : DVDRip 480p
Size : 120mb
Channel: Channel 4 [UK] Release Date: 3 February 2006 (UK)
Stars: Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson

Synopsis: “The IT crowd” is an excellent comedy but requires the viewer to watch the second episode rather than base their judgement on the first episode then snub the entire series.

The first episode was a decent attempt to gain the viewers approval however, it was hyped far too much, which made the viewer think that “The IT Crowd” was the next best comedy. When the first episode ended, everyone was disappointed due to the lack of good jokes. There were moments in the first episode that somehow reminded me of the great mind of Graham Linehan who was the writer to “Father Ted” and “Black Books” due to random jokes such as the joke in the credits.Watch Online The IT Crowd Season 1-4 DVDRip Direct Download Links

The second episode was almost redemption to the first as the cast and Graham Linehan ultimately revealed their true performance. It was almost surreal and had it’s connections to “Father Ted” equally weirdness. There was uncontrollable laughter in a lot of areas of the second episode such as the stress class which delivered powerful comedy that would even make “Father Ted” mediocre.



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