The Vampire Diaries Season 1- 8 HDTV Direct Links

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118 Responses

  1. Tarun says:

    please update the 7th season of Vampire diaries

  2. Tarun says:

    hey brother.., my friends recommended me to watch True Blood…
    Can you upload that show plz…?

  3. ankit says:

    Hey admin…. Please upload sleepy hollow seasons 1 ,2,3

  4. harshit says:

    Hey admin plz upload them in 720p

  5. sadia says:

    plz upload vampire diaries s07e13 or upcoming all episodes.

  6. Shrestha shukla says:

    Upload the episodes of Teen wolf

  7. ajith says:

    bro can u provide alternate links for vampire diaries season 1 2 3

  8. fazalakbar says:

    Hy bro plz upload The Vampire Diaries season 7 plz

  9. ak says:

    Pls upload the vampire diaries sseason 7 episode 15 soon

  10. ak says:

    Thankyou so much

  11. ak says:

    But i am unable to download it due to some unknown error

  12. adex says:

    plz upload scorpion

    • Admin says:

      Soon, your request is considered n will be added, check todo list on right sidebar.. movies n series requested by others.

  13. ak says:

    Hey bro tvd new episode 16

  14. Gaurav says:

    Hey bro plz upload Smallville TV series

  15. Khushboo says:

    I can’t download episode something wrong plzz fix it.

    • Admin says:

      All links working fine, check your connection, clear cache or use another browser, use another device.

  16. berg says:

    Bro..thank you 4 the hard work..season 7 episode 11 has no audio..

  17. NiTiSH says:

    Can you please provide a link to download these episodes in 720p…???? I checked here but its showing for 480p only

  18. Riya says:

    dear admin, i can’t tell you how thankful i am of you to upload all these seasons with all the episodes of vampire diaries…. i had been dying to watch them and since there’s a bit of problem with internet at my home i can’t watch it online….
    Thank you for the download links…. they all are just perfect and amazing… no problem with downloading and nothing….
    thank you so so so so so soooooooo much again

  19. Riya says:

    dear admin, i might be wrong on this but there’s a voice problem with season 4 episode 4,5&6….. Maybe its just me but mind checking it please??

    • Admin says:

      working fine at my end try using diffrent media player or update vlc or mpc,try on another lapy or pc, download again.

  20. Alicein says:

    sorry…… it’s working now.

  21. NRK says:

    Upload episode 16 season 7 of vampire diaries…..

  22. mac says:

    Showint error while trying to downloaz tvd s7e15 it shows unable to load url..pls fix it soon..other all episode dowmloading properly thx

  23. Harshit says:

    Hey admin.. i think u missed an episode of season 7 which should be between episode 14 and episode 15 because when we start an episode, we see recaps of previous episodes.. but in 15 episode of season 7 it showed a little bit different recap

  24. Aspin says:

    episode 17 released

  25. Nischal Sharma says:

    please upload season 7 episode 17

  26. Mia says:

    Hello 😀
    Can I request for TV series, Desperate Housewives?


  27. Nischal Sharma says:

    please upload season7 episode 18

  28. aakash says:

    Vd season 7 episode 19 plzz

  29. Htnvk says:

    When will season 7 series 19 release?

  30. ajay says:

    plz help me,i want to dowanload in hindi
    bt this all series in english
    ca u give me solution for my problem

  31. aakash says:

    Vampire diaries download link s not opening fastly check it

  32. manisha says:

    Wowww…..great job man …..and thanku ……by why season 1 2 3 4 are not in 720p

  33. Nagesh says:

    You are doing great job big brother!!!!!
    I appreciate your work
    Thanks for uploading this all thank you

  34. Aakash dubey says:

    Plz upload 20th episode of sesone7…aired 29th April

  35. aakash says:

    Vd episo 20 season 7 plzz

  36. Nischal Sharma says:

    please upload episode 20

  37. Ashish Sandilya says:

    Please upload Season 7 Episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries.

  38. Htnvk says:


  39. jaskirat says:

    I can’t scroll down to epds after15 in SSN 3 link plz fix it

  40. Aspin says:

    ep 22 pls

  41. htsak says:

    When wll season 8 release..?? Missing it so badly

  42. Kamal says:

    Thank you Brother

  43. jugal says:

    Hey administration can you add season 1,2,3,4, in 720p

  44. rana says:

    season 7 is in HDTV or BRrip quality ?

  45. brijesh says:

    hey admin links are not working, i am trying to download but its not at all starting,
    please upload new link or repair these.

  46. Rocky says:

    sir ur work is awsum better then torrentz
    but some episodes of vampire diaries are not available sir its important if u could do some help plssss upload them all please and when click on particular season dialog box doesn’t show all the episodes only some of them can be seen and the last episode are not seen in box…..

  47. zain says:

    Plz upload Merlin

  48. Isha says:

    Awesome work. Thanks. I was able to downloads episodes fine till yesterday. I am getting the following error from today:

    Please fix it ASAP

  49. Isha says:

    There seem to be some problem in downloading season 6 n 7. Please fix it.

  50. Sonal says:

    Plz correct the problem in network. Links are not working. Plz fix them as son as possible

  51. Sonal says:

    Plz correct the problem in network. Links are not working. Plz fix them as soon as possible

  52. Yuvi says:

    The Vampire Diaries season 8 releasing today.#SoExcited. Usually, when do you upload the episodes after the release? After each episode or after entire season?

  53. aakash says:

    vd season 8 episode 2 ????