The Walking Dead HDTV Season 1 – 7 480p 720p Direct Links

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160 Responses

  1. deepanshu says:

    Please upload Quantico

  2. deepanshu says:


  3. kevinyanuar20 says:

    Upload Season 6 Episode 1 – 8.


  4. john victor says:

    Episodes 9 is alredy. Please upload

  5. AKSHAY says:

    please upload episode 9 of season 6

  6. jm perez says:

    Episode 10 pls

  7. Lisa says:

    Please upload 720p for S1-S4

  8. jm perez says:

    episode 11 pls…thank you so much

  9. yasir says:

    Please upload the the walking dead season 7

  10. yasir says:

    Please upload the season 6 episode 12

  11. yasir says:

    OK friend what is your country name

  12. yasir says:

    Sorry please upload the episode 12

  13. mihir says:

    U r doing amazing job dude…….keep doing the same …..

  14. Vinod says:

    Great work, I was looking for a 480p version due to my limited data plan , finally found it. You made my day. Thank u very much 🙂

  15. Gaurav says:

    Upload episode 16 sir

  16. jay says:

    Episode 14 plz

  17. wdfan says:

    pls upload episode 15

  18. kieron says:

    Can you upload episode 15 please?

  19. Raga says:

    Episode 15 ?? Please

  20. Aravind says:

    can you upload s6 episode 15 east?

  21. ASDF says:

    Episode 15 plz

  22. Anirudh says:

    thank you so much…!!!Good audio and video quality…!

  23. Gaurav Singh says:

    Please upload the shameless complete season sir….

  24. Dilan says:

    Can u add ‘s 6 episode 16 plz n thanks for addING all the other walking dead episode man ur a Legend

  25. wdfan says:

    pls upload episode 16

  26. geet says:

    Plzzzz upload episode 16 of twd .

  27. Kieron says:

    Can you upload episode 16 please?

  28. geet says:

    Episode 16 please upload

  29. Anthony says:

    Can you upload Episode 16???

  30. Travis says:

    episode 16?

  31. mac says:

    Dude where is twd s06e16??

  32. mac says:

    Thx admin… was waiting whole ni8 on monday tuesday …..for it…..u should also upload malayalam tamil movie with english subtitle….big fan of u r site.

  33. Travis says:

    better quality for seasons 1-4?

  34. Michael Reyes says:

    Admin Can I request for the series of (Fear the Walking Dead) Thanks

  35. Beater Tan says:

    Episode 9 Season 5 720p Link is not working please fix! thank you

  36. sunil says:

    Admin plz upload ‘ fear of the walking dead ‘

  37. Mars says:

    great work man….I was looking for this series for a long time but, couldn’t able to find one and even if I did, it would all be more in size….you got this in just 150 mb with a better quality than the others…..thanks man and also do the season 6 of game of thrones

  38. xyz says:

    The walking dead season 7 plz

  39. Abdullah says:

    Please admin,,How To use the suptitles with walking dead?

  40. Som says:

    Can u upload The Walking Dead Seasons in 720p.

  41. Som says:

    Season 1 , 2, 3 and 4 are not in 720p.

  42. yasir says:

    Please upload the season 7 .The walking dead

  43. Adam says:

    please add 720p link for season 3 and 4
    It would be a great help
    Thanx in advance………….

  44. hassan says:

    Admin please upload ‘Stranger Things’.

  45. Sohaib says:

    I just read the comments and admin is owesome. Keep it up man. Really great of you 🙂

  46. Ritan sheikh says:

    Plz upload Webisodes of walking dead.thnks in advance

  47. VishnuMathets says:

    Keep up the good work bro, the world needs more people like you ????

  48. Goi says:

    this is best site ever

  49. Ahmedabbas says:

    Why links r not been getting dowoaded

  50. Chim says:

    The links were working before but now it says 403 Forbidden. Please fix…

  51. john sheriff says:

    do you have season 7??

  52. nawab says:

    plz upload outcast and other hits show plz admin its request

  53. jitender says:

    TWD season 5 episode13,14,15,16 download links not working showing 404 not found.

  54. Yasir.H says:

    The Link was working perfectly before,but now why the link say this “404 Not Found” please fix it quickly,because this is the best site ever!! For downloading a film..tnhx you before

  55. Lucky says:

    Walking dead Season 6, bro i m not able to download this season, It shows 404 not found error, Fix it…..Thnx

  56. Khalif.Nuril says:

    The link was not working or the server issue is that? It says like this 404 not found please fix that issue soon!! Thnx before..

  57. Khalif.Nuril says:

    Thnx man you are a great guy!!! 🙂

  58. Abo says:

    The season 2 links are not working fix it

  59. Sumit says:

    Hello Download links works fine at night but Not in morning is it scheduled ?

  60. jhon says:

    Cant fucking download shit why

    • Admin says:

      wana get banned for using abusive words? dont u see popup on right? server is down we are switching files to new server it may take some time

  61. Ankit says:

    When new server will be up?

  62. vish says:

    i am not able to download session 6 links are not working plz help me to get it

  63. Ankit says:

    Still can’t download any episode of the walking dead

  64. akram moula says:

    Hello admin unable to dwnld season 6 ep 16 please help

  65. Rahul Rai says:

    Season 6 episode 3 480p link has expired. Hope it’s not a server problem.

  66. jassi says:

    i am not able to download season4 onwards

  67. Lucas says:

    Any chance of loading Season 7.

  68. Karan says:

    Please add s07e01

  69. Scofield says:

    Man, in desktop I can see the 1st episode of season 7. But in mobile I can’t view the same? So I m not able to download. Can u tell me what s the problem?

  70. ayyappan says:

    chrome is slow for downloading… can u suggest me some other best browsers for downloading this series?

    • Admin says:

      use IDM download manager its best option, even firefox is good it wont corrupt ur file if it breaks again

  71. Karan says:

    Please upload ash vs evil dead s02e04

  72. Karan says:

    S07E02 is out..please upload. And ash vs evil dead s02e05 too.

  73. Loverose Deol says:

    Season 2 links not working dude .. Fix em please . Stuck between the episodes . Thnx in advance man . You are awesome , keep up the good work

  74. Ajaz Mirza says:

    hey Dude your link does not working properly can you plz fixed it fast i want it to download lot of tv show plz reply me that how much time you will take to fix

  75. rahul says:

    Links r not working admin not able to download even im adm manager tomorrow i downloaded 1,2,3 episode of the walking dead but 4,5,6 episodes r not downloaded

    • Admin says:

      which season? all files are on same server if u can download 1st u can download 6th too, whther all would fail or not one

      • hulahoop says:

        same happens to me. i can’t download the season 4 link. sometimes it’s work for a while but always stuck at 99% or something. how to fix this issue. i tried to generate the link at premiumtoss but it’s says that the link can’t be generate.

  76. Adel says:

    I tried to download season 7 episode 1 and 2 but its not working… 🙁