Vikings Season 1-4 x264 480p/720p Direct Links

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65 Responses

  1. Memphis says:

    S04E02 ? It’s out.

  2. Memphis says:

    E03 and E04 please?

  3. DayDay says:

    S04E05 please?

  4. Atulit says:

    can’t we download the full season with a single link instead of downloading individual episodes????

  5. DayDay says:

    S04E06 please

  6. DayDay says:

    S04E07 please

  7. Shivam says:

    S04e08 please

  8. DayDay says:

    S04E09 please

  9. Shivam says:

    S04e10 please

  10. sriram says:

    please add full season link its such a pain to come back and back

  11. Shivam says:

    S04 e 11 please

    • Admin says:

      season ended, next tym plz check on then make request, dont make falsse requests plz

  12. Nandhu says:

    Hey!! Can you upload Preacher tv series which premiers on may 22nd???

  13. RAJENDRA says:

    where is subtitles of vikings?

  14. satish says:

    Please upload rome series

  15. rezaroyec says:

    season 4 episode 11pls

  16. Keerthan says:

    S4 E6 720p*265 video is not playing properly I think same problem with all 720p*265

  17. adrian says:

    thank youuuu soooooooooooo much !!!!
    i love this site <3

  18. Paul says:

    Upload 5,6 & 8 to 10 in 264 please. My TV does not play 265

  19. naeem says:

    Viking only season 1 is download other are not working

  20. tom raider says:

    boss kailan mo ma a upload ang season 5?

  21. amar says:

    Not downloading season 4 any episode pls help

  22. amar says:

    Not working not able to download any episode of season 4

  23. Ayman sabbagh says:

    Not working not able to download any ebisode of season 4

  24. tauseef says:

    Bro what can i do because server said back and back my episode are not download..i em really worried plz help me

  25. mery says:

    not able to download any episode from season 2.thanks in advance

  26. DayDay says:

    S04E11 Please

  27. Jamal says:

    Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 Please

  28. Kashif says:

    bro S4Ep11

  29. Ron says:

    hey i’m having problems downloading episodes 12 13 14 of season 4

  30. Ammar says:

    Season 4 episode 15,16,17?

  31. Keerthan says:

    S4 e18 is it out??