Wayward Pines (2015- ) Season 1 – 2 HDTV Direct Links

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Wayward Pines (2015- ) Season 1 – 2 HDTV

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Wayward Pines (2015- ) Season 1 – 2 HDTV Direct Download Links
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: 7.6/10 (IMDb)IMDB-icon
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date:May 14,2015
Runtime: 42-44 min
Creators: Chad Hodge
Stars: Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Toby Jones, Sannyn Sossamon
No. of Seasons: 2 (2015- )
Quality: HDTV(480p 720p x265)
Summary: Wayward Pi.nes is an American mystery, science fiction television series based on the Wayward Pines novels by Blake Crouch. Developed for television by Chad Hodge, the pilot was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, with both as executive producers. The series premiered on Fox on May 14, 2015, and the first season concluded on July 23, 2015. On December 9, 2015, Fox renewed the series for a second season which aired from May 25 to July 27, 2016.


In the first season, Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) is a U.S. Secret Service agent investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents in the mysterious small town of Waywa.rd Pines, Idaho. Ethan awakens from a car accident unable to contact the outside world and unable to leave. He finds one of the agents dead and the other, his former lover Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino), settled down in the seemingly idyllic town. But the inhabitants of Wayw.ard Pines are trapped there by an electrified fence and set of rules enforced by the strict Sheriff Arnold Pope (Terrence Howard), and any attempt to escape is punished by a public execution known as a “reckoning”. Ethan works to discover the truth and has to make hard choices when he does.Wayward Pines (2015- ) Season 1 Season 2 Download HDTV Direct Download Links 480p 720p Wayward Pines (2015- ) Season 1 Season 2 480p Watch Online Wayward Pines (2015 – ) Season 1 Season 2 150mb 60mb Download torrent

In the second season, Dr. Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) is a surgeon who is caught in the battle between Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens), leader of the First Generation that took over Wayward Pines following the Abbie incident, and the underground rebels led by Ben Burke (Charlie Tahan), son of Ethan




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